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What is Plascide?

Within the Plascide air sanitization reactor, an intense ionized gas field is generated at room temperature propelling the particles into an energetic state. The ionized electrons shatter the biological pathogens and VOCs.

In other words, Plascide technology creates a micro-lightning plasma thundercloud to eliminate germs, VOCs as well as odor.

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Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds

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Eradicates viruses and other similar pathogens

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Destroys airborne bacteria


Micro-Lightning Benefits

Plascide technology delivers superior efficiency to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi when comparing to Ultra-Violet (UV) irradiation, Photo-Catalyst Oxidation (PCO) and ionisers. Plascide does not rely on filters which have zero-sanitization and can release pathogens during replacement.


Attaining IAQ excellent classification standard


Achievable anti-pathogen efficacy

Compare to conventional  technology

Conventional air sanitization technologies are known to be ineffective, e.g., HEPA filters trap germs but not kill while UV takes a long time to destroy, ozone can be harmful to health and Ionizers briefly attach germs to nearby surfaces but not eliminate.  The worldwide patented, Plascide is armed with superior sanitization speed, dynamic capability, high efficacy, and low power consumption to ensure a worry-free living environment against cross-infection and harmful VOCs. It works by generating a plasma field of micro-lightning within the air, effectively destroying within seconds any known and mutated pathogens, e.g., H3N2 influenza, MRSA, TB as well as neutralizing VOCs. 

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Verified Proven Technology

The performance of Plascide micro-lightning plasma technology is

validated by well-known laboratory/authority - SGS & Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (PRC)

The capability of killing germs have been verified by laboratories such

as Hong Kong University and City University of Hong Kong


City University of Hong Kong

Société Générale de

Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

The University of Hong Kong





A palm size air sanitizer


A mobile and compact air sanitizer
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Clean air solutions for HVAC.

Big Thank You for the coverage from the following media outlets

" Air Halo provides clean air everywhere." 

- Cupertino Times

"The technology of Hong Kong made Air Halo sanitizers is affirmed. The crowdfunding is up to $500000."

- Headline Daily

"The Air Halo was designed entirely as a protection against the spread of infectious diseases like SARS."
- TechinAsia

"Clean the air within one metre around the user without using filter."

- EveningStandard

"Nuclear technology and Air sanitization can reduce the air pollutants and improve our health"


"Air Halo air sanitizers can eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and VOCs in the air effectively."


- Privilege Daily

"Plascide technology delivers superior efficiency to eliminate germs, clean up the air efficiently."


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